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Local leadership and decision making

The aim of the Bourke Tribal Council is to bring together all the interests and strengths of all the different Tribes and families that make up the community of Bourke, and who proudly call Bourke their home. By bringing all the Tribes and families into alliance, we aim to lead real and lasting generational change that will meet the contemporary needs for all families and individuals of Bourke.

The Bourke Tribal Council’s work will provide fundamental support to Maranguka, to ensure that Maranguka truly represents the diverse clans and families that make up our Bourke community.

The key purpose of the Bourke Tribal Council is to gather evidence of what the Bourke community wants and needs. The Bourke Tribal Council will work together to identify and provide real time information that relates to the service gaps, challenges, needs, strengths and weaknesses of the families and individuals that call Bourke their home.

This critical information will drive Maranguka to develop meaningful partnerships with service providers that are based on real evidence of the Bourke community’s needs, as identified by our community members.

Bourke Tribal Groups

  1. Ngemba/Ngempaa
  2. Barkindji/Gurnu
  3. Kunja
  4. Kamilaroi/Gamilaroi
  5. Wiradjuri
  6. Punthamarra
  7. Murawarri
  8. Wangkumara
  9. Kooma
  10. Bundjalung/Githaba
  11. Garanggaba
  12. Wadigali
  13. Worrimi
  14. Yumalarai
  15. Kulliali
  16. Burrambinja/Baranbinya
  17. Darumul
  18. Yorta Yorta
  19. Budgiti
  20. Wailwan
  21. Ngarrindjeri
  22. Wanyiwalku/Wailyakali
  23. Mardigan
  24. Anawain

All meetings will be held at the Maranguka Community Hub. To be a part of the Bourke Tribal Council come into Maranguka and speak to Vivianne Prince or contact on (02) 5834 7900.

2020 Bourke Tribal Council Meeting Dates 
Time: 12pm – 2pm 

Monday 3rd February 

Monday 2nd March

Monday 6th April

Monday 4th May

Monday 1st June

Monday 6th July

Monday 3rd August

Monday 7th September

Monday 5th October

Monday 2nd November

Monday 7th December