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Maranguka, meaning ‘caring for others’ in Ngemba language is a community hub that works alongside the people of Bourke.

Maranguka is a grassroots tool for all our people to shape and determine our future. It is a vehicle to empowerment, self-determination, co-design and flexible service delivery.

As a community we need to be empowered to take greater self-responsibility in coordinating services and caring for our own. Maranguka is our way of doing community business and development.

By building Maranguka, our people are taking control of our own future. Government, Bourke Shire Council, NGOs and others are supporting and working with us and the community to ensure we have a say in managing better service options.


Maranguka is a new way of doing business.

We are working in alignment with the safe, smart strong strategy to create greater opportunities for people in Bourke.

The strategy was developed by the community to grow our kids up safe, smart and strong.

One of our strengths is that we have Aboriginal-led community level governance and steering bodies that can shift the balance of ownership and control back towards community.

As well as the Maranguka Backbone Team the Maranguka Community Hub houses a range of services for our community


Regular working groups implement the community the priorities recognised in the Safe, Smart and Strong strategy. Find out more and get involved.


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Maranguka acknowledges and pays respect to all of the Aboriginal people and families living in, and associated with our Bourke community