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Maranguka Role of Men Working Group

The purpose of the Role of Men Working Group is to improve the lives of Aboriginal Men in Bourke.

The focus of this Working Group is:

  • A place for men- Having a place for men to congregate has been an important goal of the Men of Bourke group. The Men’s Space was officially launched in July 2018. This space provides men with a place to go if they want to remove themselves from situations that may escalate into violence, heal and grow as men together, as well as access outreach services. The Men’s Coordinator position has been extended to full time by Oxfam and CatholicCare. This space will also create an opportunity for the men of Bourke to work with young Aboriginal men in the community – exchanging cultural information, mentoring and building relationships and knowledge sharing.
  • Healing Programs- Various healing work has been undertaken with Strong Aboriginal Men training and Red Dust Healing Workshops.
  • Employment Support- Bourke Aboriginal Employment and Prosperity Strategy is a collaboration between Maranguka, the AES and the Bourke Shire Council with a position funded by the NSW Government to assist with work readiness, setting up businesses, and to provide access to training and learning opportunities and to empower local men. Preparing people for work with the abattoir is part of the role.

2020 Working Groups dates, times and locations:

Role of Men

Men’s Hub, Meek St

2pm – 4pm

17th March

23rd June

1st September

24th November

If you want to work towards making Bourke an even better place for Children and Young People, we would love for you to attend Maranguka Working Groups. Dates and times are provided above, all community members are welcome to attend. For more information come into the Maranguka office or contact 02 5834 7900.