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Maranguka Working Groups

There is no better way to understand what is being achieved by the Maranguka Community Hub than by experiencing it for yourself by attending the Working Groups that have been established and developed from the priorities recognized in Safe, Smart, and Strong. The Working Groups are part of an improved service collaboration and coverage based on community priorities and needs, they work to address goals set by the Bourke Tribal Council to improve the lives of Aboriginal people in the Bourke community by focusing on Early Childhood and Parenting, 8-18-Year-Olds and the Role of Men.

The Working Groups comprise of government and non-government agencies, service providers, and Bourke community members. The Working Groups and forums to workshop problems facing the community and the best possible community-driven solutions.

Each Working Group has adopted a ‘test and trial approach’ to determine overtime which activities best drive progress towards the goals and targets of the Working Groups. Within the Groups, they also help to identify existing and new funding sources. Input from families, services, and the broader community are continuously called on to inform the Working Groups. They then use data and feedback from the community and the Bourke Tribal Council to closely monitor the performance of the activities and adapt as necessary.

The initiative is also supported by a Cross-Sector Leadership Group comprises of the senior bureaucrats in government and other stakeholders that assist in authorizing and facilitating the work in Bourke as well as removing blockages. The Honourable Mr. Brad Hazzard, NSW Minister for Health is the designated government champion.

By attending the Working Group meetings, you have the opportunity to observe how the needs of the Bourke Community are met by means of the Bourke Tribal Council and the implementation of these objectives by the Working Groups themselves, also to have your input as that is what is most important.



Opening hours :
Monday – Friday
9am – 5pm

Contact information :
Address: 41B Mitchell Street, Bourke NSW 2840
Phone: 02 5834 7900
Email: info@maranguka.org.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Maranguka/