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Data Sovereignty

Maranguka has developed the Maranguka Data Platform ‘Palimaa’ as a mechanism for enacting Indigenous Data Sovereignty in Bourke and to provide a platform to enable place-based data-driven decision making. Maranguka uses data to evidence impact across diverse domains, including antenatal care, early years, justice education, employment, housing, child safety, and health outcomes.

Maranguka Collaboration members contribute data to Palimaa to help build a shared understanding of how change is happening on the ground for Aboriginal children and families in Bourke in the short, medium, and long term.

The data that is captured in Palimaa comes together to tell an important story, the story of the First Nations peoples in Bourke; and in upholding the principles of Indigenous Data Sovereignty and Governance. Bourke Tribal Council governs the Palimaa platform data, the data itself is owned by Aboriginal peoples, whose life experience it reflects.

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Monday – Friday
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Contact information :
Address: 41B Mitchell Street, Bourke NSW 2840
Phone: 02 5834 7900
Email: info@maranguka.org.au
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