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Growing our Kids up Safe, Smart & Strong

Maranguka is different to standard partnership models, adopting a collective impact framework which changes the way government, NGOs and community members provides services to the community. 

The first stage focused on building trust between community and service providers, data collection, identifying community priorities and circuit breakers. Regular meetings were held with Bourke community members and visiting and local representatives from government departments. The local community spent a lot of time thinking about how to reduce offending and make the community safer.

Data was collected to tell the story about a young Aboriginal person’s journey through the criminal justice system in Bourke, including data on types of offending, diversion, bail, sentencing, days and times offences were being committed and re-offending rates. Data was also collected on the community’s outcomes in early life, education, employment, housing, child safety, and healthcare outcomes including mental health and drugs and alcohol. The data conversations held by local facilitators, and community feedback was then presented to the Bourke Tribal Council. The Bourke Tribal Council then developed the strategy document, Growing our Kids Up Safe, Smart and Strong. 

Goals for Children
Every Aboriginal Child…

  • Is born healthy

  • Lives in a safe place

  • Arrives at school ready to learn

  • Has strong family relationships

Goals for Parents
Every Aboriginal Parent…

  • Values learning and feels supported and confident in raising children

  • Supports their children’s connection to culture and country

Goals for Children & Young People (8-18)
Every Aboriginal Child & Young Person…

  • Feels connected to culture and country

  • Has strong family relationships

  • Has a positive sense of identity and belonging

  • Feels respected and has increased self confidenc

  • Is receptive to services and assistance

  • Is mentally and emotionally equipped for their future

  • Is on positive pathways

Goals for Men
Every Aboriginal Man

  • Feels connected to culture and country

  • Has support to overcome trauma, grief and loss

  • Is supported along his healing journey

  • Is a skilled parent, caregiver and role model

  • Feels respected

  • Protects his family and community

  • Is on a positive pathwa

Goals for System Reform
In addition, the Bourke Tribal Council recognised that service delivery reform is required to underpin these goals and that there is a need for a commitment that every service supporting Aboriginal people in Bourke:

  • Recognises the Bourke Tribal Council and adheres to the Maranguka protocol

  • Engages Aboriginal people in the design and delivery of services & supports to Aboriginal people

  • Is flexible and pulls together to meet people’s needs

  • Works within an effective case management system that has one plan.