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Maranguka Hub Services

As well as the Maranguka backbone team (link to About Us/Backbone Team) the Maranguka Community Hub houses a range of services for our community.

Save our Sons & Save our Sisters (S.O.S)

Save our Sons & Save our Sisters (S.O.S) is a grassroots approach that aims to bridge the gap between the young person’s connectedness and a sense of belonging to home, education and community by means of utilising whole of community support including elders and recognised role models as ongoing mentors to the individuals. 

Positions within the SOS Program situated in Bourke include:

  1. Save Our Sons & Save Our Sisters 1 x Bourke Youth Coordinator
  2. Save Our Sons & Save Our Sisters 1 x Bourke Youth Officer
  3. Save Our Sons & Save Our Sisters 1 x Brewarrina Youth Coordinator

Family Referral Service

The Family Referral Service assists children, young people, and families who do not meet the statutory threshold for child protection intervention but would benefit from accessing specific services to address current problems, prevent escalation, and foster a protective and nurturing environment. This is achieved by linking vulnerable people in need of assistance with the most appropriate available support services in the Bourke area. 

Positions within the Family Referral Service situated in Bourke include:

  1. Family Connector
  2. Family Connector
  3. Permanency Support Family Preservation Program

Legal Aid NSW

Legal Aid NSW is a state-wide legal service that provides legal advice, help at court and family dispute resolution in the main focus areas of criminal law, family law and civil law.

Positions within Legal Aid situated in Bourke include:

  1. Criminal Law Solicitor 

The Criminal Law Solicitor in Bourke is situated in the Maranguka Hub and provides legal advice and minor assistance, duty appearances and case representation in court at all levels.

  1. Community Liaison Officer

The Community Liaison Officer in Bourke is situated in the Maranguka Hub and has multiple roles from helping people in the community access legal services provided by Legal Aid, to supporting individuals dealing with the legal system, and ensuring that you feel safe and understand your legal rights throughout the process. 

Orana Haven

Orana Haven is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre situated in Brewarrina that provides rehabilitation services for Aboriginal people to address the need for a safe, understanding and culturally sensitive sanctuary for Aboriginal people whose lives are affected through the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse. Although most of Orana Haven’s clients are from the local Aboriginal community, its rehabilitation program is also available to non-Aboriginal people. The Bourke Health Service is also in a partnership with Orana Haven and facilitates an anger management group.

Positions within Orana Haven situated in Brewarrina include:

  1. Coordinator 
  2. Drug & Alcohol Support Officer
  3. Drug & Alcohol Trainee


Interrelate is a not-for-profit provider of relationship services that has permanent centres in Dubbo and Orange and outreach locations in Bourke that specialise in supporting parents and children with the aim of empowering families to build and navigate strong, resilient and healthy relationships, from primary school through to adulthood.

Positions within Interrelate situated in Bourke include:

1. Child, Youth & Family Worker