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Our Way of Doing Business

Maranguka is the Aboriginal community of Bourke taking control of our own future. Maranguka helps our people and families with day-to-day matters requiring support and assistance. Maranguka involves realigning and integrating community, government and non-government organisations to provide better service provision and delivery with and for our community. Government has promised they will be more answerable than ever before and have started to realign policies and structure to work with Maranguka.

This is a new and unique way of doing community business.

In this realignment, all community, government and non-government organisations’ programs, projects and services are to be guided by the following principles.

Guiding Principles

Initiatives, projects and services operating in Bourke must work with Maranguka to ensure that they:

  • Work in ways that are culturally competent, ensure cultural safety and recognise the cultural, spiritual, economic and physical connections that exist in the Bourke Aboriginal community

  • Fully support, work collaboratively towards, and report against the outcomes and indicators in Growing Our Kids Up Safe Smart and Strong (Strategy)

  • Recognise and support the role of Maranguka and the leadership of the Bourke Tribal Council by embedding these Principles into our way working and where possible into service delivery contracts

  • Build the capacity of local Bourke Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to support self determination

  • Engage Maranguka and the Bourke Tribal Council in decision-making around employment and procurement and support the development and implementation of an Aboriginal employment and procurement strategy for Bourke.

  • Provide leadership, authority and facilitation to drive change and better outcomes for the community of Bourke

  • Are clear on roles, responsibilities and accountability to community

  • Focus efforts on the identification of mutually agreed and defined problems and the codesign of local solutions

  • Work to create an environment of trust between partners that supports a systems change approach, reform, risk taking and innovative responses to issues.

  • In recognition of the need for long term commitment and sustainability, will retain and seek to secure appropriate resources to support collaborative effort, meet community needs and to reduce gaps and/or duplication in service delivery

  • Be open, fair and transparent in engaging with other Aboriginal stakeholders and organisations, build capacity and where possible avoid competing with the Aboriginal community-controlled sector

  • Work in ways to ensure responsibility, accountability and transparency in decision making including ensuring access to data