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Maranguka Backbone

The Maranguka Backbone team supports everyone to learn, become more accountable and achieve the goals set by the Bourke Tribal Council.

Maranguka does this by:

  • Bringing people together and helping them to work better together to achieve the goals set by the Bourke Tribal Council 
  • Supporting all people to learn by bringing data and real-life stories to every decision
  • Holding people, organisations and decision makers to account
  • Advocating for more effective use of resources 

Backbone Team Roles

Executive Director Founder: Alistair Ferguson

The Executive Director manages the relationship of Maranguka to Bourke Tribal Council and leads community governance with Mick Gooda whilst directing the Backbone Team as required.

Operations Director- Nimalan Karthikeyan

The Operations Director is responsible for delivering the outcomes identified through the Growing our Kids up Safe, Smart and Strong strategy developed by the Bourke Tribal Council through the management of the Maranguka Justice Reinvestment team (Backbone Team) and the development of Maranguka to build wrap around service support to improve the lives of children, young people and families living in Bourke.

The Operations Director also supports the Executive Director as required and has a lead role in setting up and maintaining internal systems and policies.

Backbone Coordinator- Vivianne Prince

The Backbone Coordinator is primarily responsible to facilitate and support the cross-sector collaboration and learning needed to achieve the Projects community’s goals, including:

  • Working with the Executive & Operations Director to embed Maranguka’s Justice Reinvestment Strategy into all parts of the Bourke community and with those outside of Bourke who have influence over the achievement of the strategic goals;
  • Leading a small multi-disciplinary team whose role is to enable a whole-of-community collaborative response to achieve better outcomes for children and young people;
  • Building the continuous communication strategy and processes to ensure the collaborators, partners and stakeholders are connected to and engaged with the Project.

Project & Administration Officer- Samara Milgate

The Administration and Project Officer provides office management, administration, data entry, information co-ordination and executive support to the Executive Director and Backbone Coordinator. This role also works on a variety of diverse projects as they arise to support collaboration between stakeholders and provide administrative support to project work.

Community Data Consultant (External)

The Community Data Consultant reviews the data dictionary monthly for outstanding data and requests data from various agencies as identified in the data dictionary on a quarterly, six monthly or annual basis as noted in the data dictionary as well as advising the Operations Director if experiencing problems obtaining data within one month of request.

Communication & Engagement & Data Support Officer- Tyra Kelly

The Data Support, Communications and Community Engagement Officer works as part of a multi-disciplinary team to provide Communications and Community Engagement Support to the Project. This role works on a variety of diverse projects as they arise to support a better understanding of Maranguka amongst community members, services and other stakeholders. The role also provides Data Support to the project.